McCollum Land – A Brief History


A short travel from the community of Melbourne, in the talk about of Victoria is the community of McCollum lands. The land has been in use because the arrival of the first white colored person, Kim Henslow, in the 17th hundred years. It was a website where plant life were stored during chilled winters and rainfall during awesome summers. Today, the cultural area hosts a town called Narra, which is simply the rural hub of this unique town. This really is an area that still keeps a small town feel with small residences on roadway that are not occupied or designed.

The history of your land could be briefly informed by the re-sighting of its name, which was captured by one of the local surveyors, John Collum, when he surveyed the area back in 1760. According to the record, the town was changed via “Collymoong” to” McCollum”. This is the very the reason why the area was later known as “McCollum Land”. Although this is simply not entirely true, because the initial settlers were from several English, this name stuck.

Today, could be town comes visitors right from around the country. Tourists will have a chance to see the amazing Lake Macaulay which is simply just across the Lake from the village. The lake is full of Koi fish, which can be looked at from beautiful stands that sit on water. There is also a fabulous natural popular spring inside the area, which is often used by many tourists who want to rest and enjoy the relaxing jets of water which will run over their particular bodies. There’s also a wonderful treatment room company that presents plays and musicals throughout the year.


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